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An embodiment of peace

Right here in Morogoro

When you think of serendipity think of the place with an infinite view of mountains and tons of memories created on hiking trails. Picasso couldn't picture how beautifulit truly is.

our mantra

Pole pole ndio mwendo


Pole pole ndio mwendo is the equivalent of "slow and steady wins the race". The Swahili proverb is the reminder that you can slow down and see life from a different point of view. We welcome you to view life differently with us..

Soothing Spaces

Covering over 10 acres of undeniable beauty, Nowhere offers you the space to find yourself. Bye bye clustered thoughts.

Landscape of Udzungwa mountains national park

Udzungwa Mountains shot by Moiz Hussein

Activities To Look Forward To:

Giraffe portrait in the Moremi Game Reserve (Okavango River Delta), National Park, Botswana

Visit Mikumi

Landscape of Udzungwa mountains national park

Visit Udzungwa

Aerial view of endless lush pastures and farmlands of morogoro town, Tanzania

Scenic Road Trips

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